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What Does Your Kiss Print
Say About You?

Your lips may be saying more than you think. The way you hold your mouth, and the lip colors you choose, speak volumes about you. Lip prints can reveal so much that there’s an emerging field of lipsology, a.k.a. lip print reading, being pioneered by a small group of certified Lipsologists. In fact, there are only eight of them in the world. We tracked down two of these top pout pros, Jilly Eddy (the founder of lipsology) and Anna Snodgrass, to skill us in the art of lip reading. We sent them the kisses below, all from Clinique staffers wearing their favorite shade of Clinique Pop Lipstick, to analyze and point out the most revealing features.

If you’re so inclined to analyze your pucker after you’ve read this story, keep in mind that your lip prints change all the time and reflect your state of mind at that moment (kind of like a mood ring). Now, get ready to kiss and tell!

What this lip print reveals: “The slight indentation in the center of the upper lip’s outer edge indicates that she is an excellent negotiator. Extremely good at making situations end in a win-win way. She has the uncanny ability to have everyone in the room feel that she has their best interest at heart!” says Jilly. “The diamond shape of the perimeter of the whole lip print says she is very successful, and competent and that she takes a lot of pride in whatever she does. Also that she is a wonderful mentor and gives generously to the community. Everybody loves a diamond girl!”

What this lip color says: A deep berry shade, like Clinique Pop Lacquer Lip Colour + Primer in Peace Pop, shows that she’s edgy with a flair for drama and isn’t afraid to break a few rules, beauty or otherwise.

What this lip print reveals: “She has a slight ’gourmet’ lip split in her lower lip indicating that she enjoys food and may be picky about it,” says Anna. “Also in the lower lip print there is a white spot that looks a bit like a seed. This is called a seed of change. It means she has put an idea, project or important thought on the back burner that needs some attention. This idea will not only help the person, but also the world. It’s going to make a difference, and it’s important to get to it as soon as possible!”

What this lip color says: A candy-pink shade, like Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Sweet Pop, means that she’s bubbly and full of energy with an infectious laugh that makes everyone around her smile.

What this lip print reveals: “Look closely and you’ll see that she’s got a lip print within a lip print. This has two meanings. First, these lines reveal that she can be difficult to get close to. There’s a protective energy surrounding her emotions and feelings. Others have to prove themselves to her; but once they do, she’s the best friend they ever had,” says Jilly. “Second, she probably has friends she made long ago. She makes what I call ’keepers’—people who reciprocate exceptional kindness and friendship forever.”

What this lip color says: A bold hot pink lipstick, like Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Punch Pop, says that she’s an adventurous risk-taker who’s always got her finger on the pulse of the latest beauty and fashion trends.

What this lip print reveals: “She is detail oriented. If someone wants a job carefully and precisely done, she’s the person to do it. Both her upper and lower lip prints are full, which means she is generous, expressive and a good listener,” says Anna. “And she has ’mother nature lines’ on the bottom edge of her lower lip print, which indicate that her body wants to get outside and play. The strong color indicates she has cheerleader-like energy and can keep going and going.”

What this lip color says: A classic look-at-me red, like Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Passion Pop, shows that she’s passionate and fiercely independent, with a dash of fun-loving joie de vivre thrown in for good measure.

What this lip print reveals: “She is stubborn! There’s just a sliver of light coming through the upper and lower lip. Once she makes a decision, she is highly unlikely to change her mind. She also has a sharp tongue and possibly a slightly sarcastic sense of humor,” says Anna. “The dark line at the bottom edge of her lower lip means there’s a lot going on in her private life. My advice to her would be to do what she can to delegate and take care of herself first so that she can then take care of others.”

What this lip color says: A subtle nude shade like, Clinique Pop Matte Liquid Lip Colour + Primer in Cake Pop, says that she’d rather play it safe than stir the pot. Far from being a wallflower though, her understated confidence makes her a force to be reckoned with.

Model photos: AnaIram | Still life photos: Darrin Haddad | Words: Didi Gluck

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