Dramatically Different

Do Rule Breakers Have More Fun?

Can we please grow up to be Georgia Perry? Born and raised in Mad Max country, she currently lives in Melbourne, Australia and runs her design studio, which specializes in projects for youth, music, and cultural events. Her art, however, is partially informed by the years she lived and worked her way through London, South Africa, and Amsterdam. You know, as one does.

Georgia’s work is rainbow bright with a decidedly adult—but mostly G-rated—sense of humor; and, a fine art element is clearly present. She also produces and sells her own wrapping papers, an adult coloring book, and even accessories. Want an enamel pin of a celebrity’s face, a fried egg, or red lipstick?  Georgia’s your girl.

We had a feeling Georgia would be up for one of our favorite ways to see a person’s true colors: a bunch of random Q + A’s. Her last answer is particularly sassy.

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