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Becoming a Morning Person

There are those who spring out of bed with a smile, ready to face the day. But most people? Not so much. If your mornings are consistently total drags, follow these simple steps so you can start each day with less grump and more cheer. [INSERT QUOTE FROM DAYBREAKER PERSON]

Step 1: Don’t Check Your Phone in Bed
Scrolling through your phone before your feet even hit the ground immediately primes your day to be stressful. Your brain needs a little time to wake up before being bombarded with annoying emails, news about national disasters, and social media rants. We know it’s a tough habit to break, but commit to waiting until you’re up and ready before checking in with the world and you’ll quickly notice how much calmer your mornings feel.

Step 2: Give Yourself Something to Look Forward To
A little morning ritual makes getting out of bed easier—and it doesn’t have to be anything complicated. Create a spa oasis in your shower by indulging in an uplifting, fragrant body wash. A few deep breaths can work wonders on the psyche. Love coffee? Seek out the best-quality beans and savor the first few sips in silence. Whatever it is, find a way to incorporate something you love into the first part of your day. INSERT QUOTE FROM DAYBREAKER PERSON – LOOKING FORWARD TO THE MORNING PARTY GETS THEM OUT OF BED

Step 3: Find One Thing to Be Grateful For
It sounds hokey, but research shows that gratitude can lead to happiness. Before heading out the door, say to yourself: “Today I am grateful for _____.” It can be anything: your family, friends, health, getting through spin class without passing out, a good hair day, beautiful weather…anything that makes your day a little happier.

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