Molly Guy's
Endless Glow

As the Creative Director of Stone Fox Bride, Molly Guy has created an enviably cool world for the modern day anti-bridezilla full of gauzy tulle veils, fresh flower crowns, and romantic silk gowns. It should be no surprise then that her beauty philosophy is equally as effortless. Her inspiration? Endless summer. Her go-to makeup look, complete with a berry lip color, dewy skin, and flushed cheeks is the perfect complexion perk-me-up for every day, or even your Big Day.

The Inspiration: The Golden Hour
“I love that whole ethos of summer. Your hair is wild, and you feel carefree and easy,” says Molly. “When you come in after spending the entire day outside, and you feel touched by the sun and totally relaxed. Just a hint of shimmer—like the personification of sunshine. Whether I’m walking around New York City or down the beach in Montauk, I try to capture that feeling of never-ending summer.”

The Color Palette: The Sunset
“I love a palette of warm apricot, nudes, pale yellow, and dusky pink inspired by sandy, washed-out colors found in nature,” says Molly. “I have this vision of 1979 Laurel Canyon where everything is lush and verdant but also a little bit faded and mellow. I think of an Arizona sunset or the deserts of New Mexico.”

“All of my rugs at home, my comforters, my dresses—everything looks like either a sunset, a desert or some sort of shimmering mirage. I find it so relaxing. So when I consider a makeup palette, I always try to evoke those same things.”

"Less is more. I think it's all about being radiant and relaxed—not overdone or dramatic."

The Technique: Less is More
“It’s all about being radiant and relaxed—not overdone or dramatic,” says Molly. “The more you can see someone’s skin and let their inner beauty shine through, the more beautiful that really is. I know it sounds cheesy, but I believe it to be true.”

“I love that lip color you get after eating cherries and raspberries and blackberries all day in the summertime. It’s so lush,” says Molly. “To create a naturally berry-stained look, press lipstick directly onto the skin with your finger instead of applying it straight from the bullet."

"When I work with models on photo shoots, I always encourage them to get their hands onto the product and put it on their skin. It makes everything look more organic.” Try Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, a universally flattering shade that goes on sheer and merges with your natural lip color to create the perfect stained finish.

“As an alternative to lip gloss, I’m a huge fan of applying a little bit of shimmer on the cupid’s bow right above the lips. I also apply a swipe of shimmer on the upper cheekbones. It’s a really amazing, really easy way to create dimension and sheen,” says Molly. Get the look with Clinique Chubby Sculpting Highlight, which glides on smooth and leaves skin looking naturally dewy, never sparkly.

Create a summertime flush with creamy, mistake-proof blush like Clinique Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm. Blend with fingers for a super-natural finish, no mirror necessary.

Get the Look: Molly Guy's Endless Glow

Photography: Kim Myers Robertson | Words: Hilary Presley | Hair: Kyoungmin Chon | Makeup: Brian Duprey | Wardrobe Styling: Bettina Bati

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