A Supercharged Hydrator:
Activated Aloe Water

You're probably already familiar with the skin-soothing benefits of aloe vera, known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Who hasn’t used it to quell a sunburn? It cools and comforts on contact, leaving skin in a glorious state of ahhh. So, what is activated aloe water and why do you want it in your skin care?

Activated aloe water is water infused with aloe barbadensis leaf extract and created to hold both positive and negative ionic charges. This specially charged water increases your skin’s affinity to water. Translation: Not only will your skin absorb more hydration, but it’ll also lock it into your skin for longer. Plus, activated aloe water has all the soothing and calming benefits that you’d expect. It’s a key ingredient in all Moisture Surge hydrators. The newest addition to the family: Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-replenishing Hydrator, a gel-cream hydrator that floods your skin with intense hydration and helps to keep it optimally hydrated—even after you wash it off. That’s because the activated aloe water helps keep all that dewy goodness in your skin. Pretty genius, right?

Words: Julie Redfern

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